CHECK IN will render conventional methods of visitor managing obsolete.
With easy use of barcode scanning and photo taking features, accompanied by cloud-backup services, CHECK IN will enable you to manage visitor records more simple than ever.
Pre-Clearance Feature

Pre-Register a scheduled visit and simply check them in upon visit.

NRIC/ID Barcode Recognition

Auto-detecting of NRIC/ID number make it easier for registering visitors.

Ban and Incident List

Deter suspicious visitors from ever entering again. The system will keep a record of their details and warn you.

Customizable Fields

The User Interface works extensively with the functions. Type in custom input fields for Department, Locations, Purpose of Visit and more!

Staff List

Having a staff list enables security to know who the visitor is seeing. It also includes working hours.

User Management

Admin can easily find out who used the software, last log-in time and even change the user credentials.

Easy user management

Admin is able to help users change password, username, location assigning and other details. Each user has a unique username that can be assigned and customized.


An overview after logging in will give users the summarized details of records. From here, users can navigate using the calendar. A map of the premise can also be uploaded into the dashboard.

Visitor Records

A detailed record list of all visitors can be accessed and what's even more extensive is the ability to customize what visitor details that users want or not want to see on the list.

How do we work?

1. Consultation/Demo

Call Us Today for a consultation and demo.

2. Installation

After quotation is signed, an installation team will go to your premise to install the system and give you a quick crash course.

3. Aftersales

Software has a help section that may help you troubleshoot. However, if problems persist, our aftersales and tech support team is always ready to assist you.

"Power, versatility and usability makes CHECK IN an efficient visitor management system software"
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