CHECK IN Visitor Management System (Full set)

Mini PC
Barcode Scanner, 20 ID tags
Product ID

•Pre-Installed Google Chrome Web Browser
•CHECK IN Installer Package x86 or x64
•User Manual
•Microsoft Excel Viewer

CHECK IN Visitor Management System is powered by Disruptech Pte Ltd.
A Singapore based business software appliance solution company. CHECK IN was built to make visitor management easier for security purposes. Whether if it is an entire high-security complex or a small-to-medium company building, CHECK IN will help you secure your entry points even further.

Secure your entry points with CHECK IN and let yourself have a peace of mind knowing you can track every visitor in the building. A visitor management system not only provides security but also acts as a tracker that help you maintain record of who enters and who exits your building. Furthermore, CHECK IN comes with a wide range of features including pre-clearance for VIPs and also include a feature for ban list to block out unwanted visitors. If those features aren't enough, there is also custom input fields that has versatile functions.

CHECK IN is a web-based application for Visitor Management. One license is entitled for up to 4 PCs.

Each set comes in 1x barcode scanner for detecting IDs, 1x Webcam for Photo ID, 1x Mini PC (ZOTAC) and also pre-installed Google Chrome.

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