Visitor Management System

Visitor Check-In and Check-Out

"Permitting Entry For Security Made Easy."

CHECK IN helps you tighten entry security of your premises. Simple UI Interface, Powerful and Versatile Functions.

How It Works
Recognize Visitor ID

"Manual Keying is almost obsolete"

CHECK IN has software technology that minimizes effort to save valuable time during checking in and out of visitors.

How It Works

"Outstanding usability and versatile software."

Extra input titles and fields can easily be customized to support unique management systems.

How It Works
The Technology

Visitor Checking

  • Checking In/Out
  • Adding Ban List
  • Pre-Clearance for VIP


  • Incident list records
  • Employee record checking
  • Barcode scanning usability


  • Custom input fields
  • Edit visitor details easily
  • Usable for multiple aspects

Checking Records

  • Review records by date
  • Find a specific entry
  • Import/Export records

"Power, versatility and usability makes CHECK IN an efficient visitor management system software"
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